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H2020 NEXTOWER Project – Governance

Technical Committee

  • Participant: Rodolfo Araneo, URM1 (IT)
  • Participant: Giulia De Aloysio, CertiMac (IT)
  • Participant: Jesper Ejenstam, SMT (SE)
  • Participant: Luca Ferrari, EngiCer (CH)
  • Participant: Monica Ferraris, POLITO (IT)
  • Participant: Gaël Giusti, SST (FR)
  • Participant: Karsten Klemens, LIQ (DK)
  • Participant: Ana Mariblanca, UNE (ES)
  • Participant: James Marrow, UOXF (GB)
  • Participant: Peter Szakalos, KTH (SE)
  • Coordinator: Antonio Rinaldi, ENEA (IT)
  • Work Package 2 Coordinator: Jesus Fernandez-Reche, CIEMAT (ES)
  • Work Package 3 Coordinator: Amelia Tincani, ENEA (IT)
  • Work Package 5 Coordinator: Claudio Testani, CALEF (IT)
  • Work Package 7 Coordinator: Raymond Sterling, R2M (ES)
  • Work Package 8 Coordinator: Elena Melotti, BEWG (BE)

Steering Committee

  • Rodolfo Araneo, URM1 (IT)
  • Vittorio Calandra Checco, CALEF (IT)
  • Dilip Chandrasekaran, SMT (SE)
  • Jesus Fernandez-Reche, CIEMAT (ES)
  • Monica Ferraris, POLITO (IT)
  • Sandro Gianella, EngiCer (CH)
  • Haris Kadrispahic, LIQ (DK)
  • Luca Laghi, CertiMac (IT)
  • Tatiana Loureiro, R2M (ES)
  • Ana Mariblanca, UNE (ES)
  • James Marrow, UOXF (GB)
  • Didier Pique, SST (FR)
  • Antonio Rinaldi, ENEA (IT)
  • Peter Szakalos, KTH (SE)
  • Isella Vicini, BEWG (BE)

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NEXTOWER Project - Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
Duration: January 2017 - December 2020
Grant agreement No. 721045