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With the slogan “INTEGRATING ENERGIES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, Genera proposes three fundamental strategic themes: Sustainability, Innovation and Business. Genera is committed to the renewable energy industry sector, including distribution, energy efficiency and its main applications, such as storage, self-consumption and mobility, and to responding to the sector’s main challenges and business objectives and the commitment to decarbonising both economy and society.

At this edition, Genera Solar will be a new sector with its own identity, focusing on one of the sectors that is leading the decarbonising process in Spain, by generating both photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, as well as in their immediate uses and applications. 

During the event, NEXTOWER dissemination material will be distributed at R2M booth.


When: Wednesday 05-02-2020 00:00 - Tuesday 07-01-2020 00:00
Where: Madrid (ES)

NEXTOWER Project - Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
Duration: January 2017 - June 2021
Grant agreement No. 721045